36% of us verbally AND physically abuse our computers!

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36% of us verbally AND physically abuse our computers!
Thu, 08-08-2013 - 9:18pm


Computers are a pretty inescapable part of our day-to-day routine. Yet they often make us angry, and you won't like us when we're angry. At least, they (the computers) won't: A new survey shows that 36 percent of Americans have, over the past six months, either used vulgar language directed at their computer (yikes), screamed or shouted at it (hmm), or even punched it or used another object to hit it (well, that's probably not ideal).


Do you yell at your computer? I do yell at mine, but I can't say I've ever punched/hit it! LOL

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That is close to the most idiotic thing I have ever heard.  If the computer doesn't do as you expect, figure out where the problem is.  Be honest, as most computer problems start somewhere between the chair and the keyboard.  Don't download free stuff from the Internet, it installs bandwidth and memory robbing routines meant to track your use and interests so you can be more effectively marketed to in the future.  If you must download, read every line of the terms and agreements.  They will flat out tell you exactly what will be loaded to your computer besides the dumb match 3 gems game you think is all that you are getting.  

Another source of frustration is when the device fails in some way.  Laptops don't hold up as well as the desktop mini towers of yesteryear.  They get shaken, flopped around, tossed around like luggage when they are in the case, etc.  We grew up expectuing our computers to go and go and go.  Hard drives overheat more frequently being confined to the smallest case size possible with processors and memory boards that are hotter than they used to be.  

So if your computer hangs, is slow, and needs to be rebooted frequently, don't blame it for these issues.   It's all the crap it is doing behind the scenes you agreed to have it do implicitly.  Buy a cheap cooling pad to put under the laptop when it is on a table.  

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I am more verbal at the tv than the computer. But on those times when some website freezes and I need go get that information I have been known to say somethings that might not be so nice.......lol......but for the most part if I bang on the keyboard I find that it is someone not the computer that is causing that.......lol

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LOL! I've been known to bang on my keyboard a little. I'm also guilty of yelling, nothing wrong with getting a little frustration out of your system.


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I've never punched/hit my computer, but I'm probably guilty of closing my laptop a little too hard when I was frustrated.  I'm totally guilty of yelling at it, though.  Sometimes you just have to get it out!