After 12 Years, XP Support Set to End Today

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After 12 Years, XP Support Set to End Today
Tue, 04-08-2014 - 10:58am

"PC users have heard this repeated again and again over the past few months, but this is a final goodbye -- Windows XP will be officially dead on Tuesday.

Dead is perhaps a bit extreme, as computers that run XP will still work. However, Microsoft will no longer support the 12-year-old operating system, which mean no more updates and no more security patches for the already vulnerable OS.

This means that the 30 percent of computers worldwide that run XP will be unsecured going forward -- security holes will not be patched through automatic updates and "every day after that, your computer gets a little bit less secure, but bear in mind it's probably a very old computer to begin with," CNET senior editor Dan Ackerman told "CBS This Morning."

In a blog post last month, antivirus software maker Avast warned XP users of the dangers that are likely to face if they continued to use the outdated operating system. Already six times more likely to get attacked than Windows 7, Internet Explorer on XP poses an even larger threat, Avast suggested that users switch over to Google Chrome." 

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Wed, 04-30-2014 - 11:39pm

I have been using Vista for over 5 years and I love it and am going to have a funeral for it when it dies. I have never given a thought to Windows 8 waiting for 9........I think Vista will be supported till 2017 and mine is running very well so I hope it will not pass away till something like 9 (hope it is better) comes out.......