Careful installing IE 9

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Careful installing IE 9
Tue, 07-31-2012 - 12:17am

This computer is doing bizarre stuff over and over and somewhere I was it was recommended I switch from IE 8 to 9.  In desperation (as usual for me) I did it and it wiped out my toolbars up above, meaning much of the things I had so carefully saved and organized vanished just like that.  Trying to find info on how to uninstall it, I kept finding many others who also wanted to uninstall it and I found instructions from the forum.  Once I did that everything magically reappeared.  9 is apparently in beta format, which my husband says means it's a test version.  Anyway, just thought I'd caution others not to do what I did unless you really know what you're doing.  My only issue is now once again I find I can't reorganize the toolbars as they were before and I don't know why, some things just will not move again. 

Better luck to the rest of you. 


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Tue, 07-31-2012 - 12:41pm
IE9 was released officially a while ago, so it's no longer in beta, but that doesn't mean it still can't give you problems, lol. I haven't had any trouble with it, but I only use it as a last resort after Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. None of them are perfect. One would think that you'd look forward to a new release, but I always dread new versions; they always seem to take away the best part of the program and make it harder to use.
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Fri, 08-03-2012 - 5:58pm

Oh My, I have had IE9 since right after it came out. I find it faster and so much better than version 8.

I found this 

check it out.

Did you read this page?

IE 9 uses a lot less space above so if that is what you were missing or if you added toolbars, I would say you could put those back and log into them again.

I only use 3 little icons the home, favorites and tools on the right side under the X buttons and the forward and back buttons on the left side.

But I don't use like the Google,Yahoo or other toolbars because they seem to cause me problems and slow things down.

I did download Chrome too but you know me I like my computer sounds and they don't work in Chrome but if something is going on I can use a different browser but mostly use IE9.


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Fri, 08-03-2012 - 6:02pm

I look forward to most of the new software, but I have to admit I really do not like Windows 7 for many reasons maybe it is just me but it seems like it is so cluttered and takes the long way around to do things I used to be able to do in one click..

And then there is the email.....I can handle Windows mail but Windows LIVE mail is slow and clunky and I really hate it...

But I have to file Outlook Express in with the good old days

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Tue, 08-07-2012 - 11:24am

We too live in a ISP hole, but it is getting better now with smart phones they have to compete so choices are popping up. Still spotty though.

I just hope your husband isn't sorry that he is still using Windows 98...

Are there any computer classes you could take near you?  It is not easy to have someone close to you try and help you they know so they thing you should too.....

Our little college has a place in the town where I go to get my groceries and the doctor is only 20 miles away, I have taken photography classes and some diabetics classes there. Most of the time they only a few $ as little as $5.

It helps not to know the person who is teaching