Google Guide to Not Being a "Creepy" Google Glass Owner

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Google Guide to Not Being a "Creepy" Google Glass Owner
Fri, 02-21-2014 - 1:35pm

"Google is finally realizing what the rest of the world has known for some time: People who wear Google Glass can sometimes be “creepy or rude.”

To avoid freaking people out even more than Glass wearers already do, Google has released a set of dos and don’ts for those who wear Glass, with a number of suggestions that might help non-Glass wearers feel more comfortable.

At the top of the don’ts list, Google suggests that people who use the wearable computer shouldn’t overly engage with it in public because they will look strange if they are standing around staring up into the air for no apparent reason."

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I'm not sure how I feel about Google Glass. The idea is great, but you know, there are the creeps. :)

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