Have you dropped cable?

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Have you dropped cable?
Tue, 04-16-2013 - 3:59pm


Has anyone here dropped cable and moved to streaming and/or using their own home media center? My cable bill is really getting high but I'm super nervous about making the break. 

Would love some thoughts. :)

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Tue, 04-16-2013 - 4:59pm

We are on the fence.  DH did all the research and was going back and forth between getting the Roku and Apple TV.  He was leaning towards Roku and then went with Apple TV.  We haven't dropped Direct TV yet, I need to call about that soon.  We still need to get into the habit of learning how to switch over to the Apple TV, plus, we have 3 TV's in the house, so we either buy 3 devices, or move the box around depending on who wants to watch what and we haven't gotten that far.  I think for me, the biggest thing is to drop local channels and not be able to get live sports.  You can get local channels with an antenna and if you don't watch a ton of TV, I don't think its that big of a deal.  I am thinking within the next 6 weeks we'll cut it out completely as it'll be summer and we don't really watch much tv during the summer, we tend to stay outdoors a lot.

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Wed, 04-17-2013 - 4:17pm

I still have Directv but I have a streaming box as well. I have been mulling over the idea of dropping satellite. If you can pull in local channels with rabbit ears, then at least you have that covered. Another possible option is Aereo. https://www.aereo.com/ where you can pay for local channels if/when they bring it to your city.

I think of two issues with rabbit ears. If you drop cable/sat, you lose the on-screen guide and every time you switch between local channels and anything else you always have to change the signal source. No matter how you slice it, it is not as slick and integrated as cable/sat. But maybe it would be worth it to you to get rid of that enormous bill every month.

One good thing to remember is you can always go back to cable if you find you just don't like life without it. I think that they will begin to concoct pared down monthly packages and maybe even ala-carte plans as these streaming services take more and more of their market share away They will need to adjust to the market. So it may be that we can all keep some form of cable/sat in the future for much less than they charge now.

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Sun, 04-21-2013 - 5:48pm

I know several families with kids where the parents both work don't have a dish or cable they have gone with Netflix. Which is probably a good idea for them.

We had cable in our little town long after it had been out because being small we were always the last ones to get the new stuff. But after a few months we had very strange things going on like while watching an HBO movie it would switch right in the middle of it to a Cinemax movie then back again......after a while it was just not worth paying for so we bought a big dish.......and we all know how long that lasted.......but after that we went to Directv. While not cheap we like it. And we know a lot of people that have Dish Network and I think that Directv is still the better dish, I know they pay less than we do but then the service is different too.

But I know I won't go back to cable. And we are paying a lot for Directv  but then we don't go out to movies or anything so I figure that as far as entertainment goes it might still be cheaper than going out. Some people do both......lol

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Mon, 04-22-2013 - 4:11pm

Hi Everyone -

Thanks for the ideas and input. 

We definitely watch a ton of tv (maybe that's why I'm so hesitant) but we don't go out much. We only do movies for special occasions. Otherwise, nada. 

I actually just changed my netflix from 1 disc out at a time to streaming only. 

It's a big step. But at the same time, we have a million DVDs. And we buy TV on bluray/DVD, so it's not like we'll never see things. But, for example, True Blood on HBO. Gotta have HBO. Same with Disney Channel. :/

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Mon, 04-29-2013 - 2:54pm

Streaming only on Netflix is great, and Hulu too for other shows you might have missed that week. We also use Redbox a lot, and seem to get discount codes every weekend, which is always encouraging to use.

Plus I know its kind of old school, but for kids movies to watch we love requesting movies from the library!We can get every latest or favorite Pixar, and its a great way to check them out (for free!) to see which ones they really like before we go out and buy them.

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Fri, 05-10-2013 - 11:26am

I have a sister and a niece that just have Netflix no cable, dish or anything. They have little kids. But the parents work and so for them it probably is a good thing.

But, we live in a very small (less than 500 people) so we are the last to get the latest and greatest.......lol

We got cable back in the early 80s (I told you we were the last ones) it was awful for more reasons that 1 and we were paying for tv. 

So we bought a big dish........I loved that thing we even got the indoor mover so we didn't ahve to go outside to do that, that was right up town for us......But alas all the free went away and the scrambling started. So we went to a little dish, Directv. We have never gone back.

Unless you try a rooftop antenna and just watch anything that you can catch up there even though it is not a clear or HD picture and no one is going to do that anymore, you are going to have to pay. So we do, and we complain about it but like others, we don't go out that much, (around here no supprise there is no where to go....lol) we don't spend much on entertainment so really between $75-100 a month probably really isn't that big a deal. BTW, we don't gamble either that is what a lot of people do and I know those people could afford to have all the tv channels........lol

With the Directv and the DVR even I am not going to stay inside long enough to watch all the channels I get plus now the on demand of tv shows and movies you can order pay per view or get HBO and all the pay for channels. Granted I don't know what cable is  going for now but I know that I have an old bundle that I have had for years and I have over 250 channels just in my package and now with their DVR I can watch a lot more. 

I justify all the time.....it comes from when we were first married and had to make a dollar last a week...........remember that? 

Well to justify my little dish cost I look at it this way. Fill the car with gas, $45, go 55 miles to a good place to eat, about $50 so if that was only thing we did in a month my cost would be taken care of. But if we would go out every week we would have almost $300 to put in the bank. BESIDES watching all those channels.

Sorry I got so wordy .......lol