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New Yahoo Mail
Sat, 07-02-2011 - 4:29pm

I couldn't upgrade my Yahoo account because on my XP laptop didn't have the newest browser......but the last few months YM had been driving me crazy. Mail would open slow, and delete slow and sometimes nothing would show up in the mail....and it seemed if I had to read more that a few it kind of would just die......

Ok, New laptop, IE 9 I got a reminder that since I had been with Yahoo for the l2 years and that I was going to like the New and improved YM......Yeah, Yeah we have all heard that before..........

But today I thought ok let's see...........and Oh My, snap,snap,snap and I was done reading my this is the mail that I get my graphics in and can get over 100 a day so you can see why it is exciting to have this work better.....

If you use YM you might want to try it out.........and another bonus is there is unlimited I just save the graphics I want (or think I want) and get them when I want without downloading all them to my computer...neat .

I really like it......

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