OMG I'm a Hoarder!

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OMG I'm a Hoarder!
Sat, 09-01-2012 - 1:31pm
  Are You a Digital Hoarder?


When too many files, photos and Facebook messages clutter your computer, it’s time to hit delete:

I'm guilty of almost all the things they talked about!

Anybody else? Do you save all your photos, ebooks, emails, etc.?

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Fri, 09-07-2012 - 5:34pm

I don't do music on the computer, emails with very few exceptions I read and delete, no books, but pictures, I have them on my computers I have not printed any pictures except for reunions where everyone wants one in their hand...

I have external hard drive backup and on my home computer I also have that and Carbonite. I worry more about my photos than anything else.

What I do need to clean out are things like earrings and my DH needs to get rid of tools....but they don't bother the