One-Third of American Adults Own Tablet Computers

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One-Third of American Adults Own Tablet Computers
Thu, 06-13-2013 - 1:51pm

Now, one-third of American adults own a tablet computer, according to a new report by Pew Internet.

Unlike smartphones, which are most popular with younger adults ages 18-34, we see the highest rates of tablet ownership among adults in their late thirties and early forties. In fact, almost half (49%) of adults ages 35-44 now own a tablet computer, significantly more than any other age group. Adults ages 65 and older, on the other hand, are less likely to own a tablet (18%) than younger age groups.

Do you own a tablet computer? We have two: my nook tablet (which is rooted so it works as an actual tablet) and my husband's Galaxy Tab 2.

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Mon, 06-17-2013 - 8:26am

They are so convenient and easy to use that I can see why so many have them. The screen is bigger than a smartphone (for anyone with vision issues) yet they are still as handy.

I don't have one yet but have been thinking about getting one.


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Tue, 06-18-2013 - 4:15pm

I think for the most part those adults are using their tablets for the same thing the kids are but a lot of them do their work on a laptop or desktop. 

I hope they don't do away with the desktop for me using a laptop or tablet is uncomfortable I like my powerful desktop with the big monitor and a comfy chair. But then I am