Open Office & Pages - Converting .PAGES docs to .DOC arrgghh!!

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Open Office & Pages - Converting .PAGES docs to .DOC arrgghh!!
Fri, 03-15-2013 - 2:36pm

I have the latest & greatest   MacBook Pro -  What else do I need to tell you?

I do not readily have WORD - I was trying to save $$$$   ... as Ive always gotten by w/o it before.

Thus, Ive used Pages & Open Office.

Well, in school now I have documents to type.    Time and again    I send documents that APPEAR to be .doc   and the instructor can not open them.

SOMETIMES they DO go over in .doc & are a-ok.     but I havent figured out the key.

The SHARE function does not work on mine - says it's not supported. .   And Ive tried doing something off the menu - a "conversion".    None of these work, however.

Anyone good enough w/Pages or Open Office to know how to do this????  :D

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There are only two things I can think of: 1) perhaps your teacher is using an older version of word and not able to open up the format you're sending? Make sure they are .doc and not .docx; 2) sometimes it's the actual formatting even if you're saving it as .doc — sometimes when you open it, it's garbled.

Can you submit your work as a PDF? That may be easier as it will keep your format as is and s/he should be able to open it with no problem as PDF is universal. :)

Good luck!

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