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Thu, 11-01-2012 - 11:32am

I would like to take your mind off of iVillage format for a minute.....

I noticed that when I changed my siggy with this new system it was HUGE so I went to Photobucket and found they TOO have a new Facebook they say it now has a "timeline".

Ok, when I finally found my "albums" which are now just pages all the photos from one album was on one page, you had to scroll forever and look at each one to find the one you wanted.......I found I hovered to get the link to paste into iVillage and I had to click on the photo then on the side click on where it said to choose a link and get the one I wanted. In this time I could have taken and uploaded a new photo

Not only that the whole site is very bland and boring.

So like I do a lot of the time (since I am not a complainer you know) (that is a joke my DH says) I sat here griping about this BS changing things that were not broken all to make it more like Facebook which I don't like anyway blah,blah, I went back into Photobucket and clicked on home......then clicked Albums......and up in the upper left hand corner it says in light blue letters "change back to the old Photobucket format"........I clicked so fast and then they asked for a reason so I gave them 10 reasons.....and clicked again and there was my old Photobucket.......

And all is good in my world again,,,,,,well for a few minutes