Printer stops printing every so often... I must redownload the software.

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Printer stops printing every so often... I must redownload the software.
Sun, 08-28-2011 - 9:16am

My printer prints a few documents & then stops saying ERROR.

It SEEMS like I have to reload the software ev. so often to get it going again (after I ALSO clear out all the original docs & start over again!)

Any ideas at all?

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I would make sure you have the latest printer drivers for your printer. Download them from the manufacturers website.

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khatru1 is right reinstalling the software sometimes helps but go to the printer's web site to see if there are new drivers.......

Also just to make sure it isn't a problem try checking inside the printer the paper can leave lint inside there and before to long it make a problem on the rollers etc......

This don't happen often but a friend of mine said her printer wasn't working and I dug out a yellow sticky note pad and part of an envelope from under there.... after it worked

So far, one good thing about getting a new computer Vista and Windows 7 is that my old printers and scanners I was able to just plug in and it asked me if I wanted this model to run on Windows drivers I said yes and they work...... I didn't have to install the software that came with those things......and that is as it should be really.....

If there is dusty lint in there you could use canned air