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I barely turn on my pc now unless it is for work as I have a smartphone and tablet so I use that whilst doing other things - much quicker and convenient, not to mention responsive.

Does everyone here have one and use it reguarly? And if so what do you use it for?

I am always on social netowrking sites and using my favourite apps - love things like Whatsapp to communicate for free and games to keep me entertaining (Pumpkin Bingo being the best time sync and love of mine currently - used to be draw something, before that angry birds - I have a thing for addictive games!) 

What is everyone's fave way to pass the time on their smartphones? And if you play games, please send some recommendations my way! You can also follow my blog for news similar to this - 

If anyone wants any advice on smartphones or tech, please do not hesitate to give me a shout, love to all.


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We have tracfone, and we like them just fine. But I know I am ready for a smartphone, Del on the other hand just wants send and recieve calls, no text or internet for him. But after we both had a cell phone we dumped the landline and gave up the number we had had for over 40 years.....that was the only thing I hated about the whole thing. But I don't mind change. But my phone don't have a keyboard and it takes me 10 minutes to reply "hi" to my 

But good grief, getting rid of the landline and just use cells saved us about $50 a month. That was at first about 2 years ago. We thought that was great. But now that people are getting our numbers and don't have to tell us that the phone company disconnected our home phone........LOL,..... we know it is just a matter of time before we have to get a plan. And because of our area it looks like in order to get a nice smartphone we can't use Tracfone or T Mobile..Because when I check them to see if we can get them in our area we always get "Not available in your area?".....I am sure that will change. But I just don't see us spending over $100 a month for phone service, then we would be right back where we were before.

I use a laptop here at the camper, but at home I want my desktop, with the fast internet and large monitor. I love it. I think I would like a tablet to play wiih but I like doing my photos, making siggys and other creative things on my computer and the small screens just don't make it.

Ok, I do have a 17" laptop but I am old , with old eyes. And I don't think the laptop with Windows 7 renders my photos all that good. 

I hope that Microsoft changes its mind and gives us back a OS that is real instead of the toy one of Windows8. I am still using Vista at home and even though it is working great they have already stopped supporting it except for security but I think next year that will quit. And I will have to look at changing to something that is supported. Lucky for me the tech guy says that it has a lot of life left so I should just upgrade the os. If I have to get 8 that for me will be a downgrade........I can still  get 7 but there is nothing great able this either. 

My biggest thing is that I miss Outlook might think I am the only one but I am not.

But things move on with or without me and I suppose I will get used to it. Even if I don't like it. 

But I do need a keyboard to

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I LIVE on my laptop for my work at home (web design and marketing), and my smartphone I barely use except to check Fbook, or most important for GPS or traffic reports when driving. I also like having my phone during my many Dr. appts (due Nov 6th!) to pass the time, reading books online for my bookclub or checking my personal (non-work related) emails.

I can honestly say I couldn't live without either, out of comfort or necessity ;)

In Success,  Katherine at


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I would also say that with my smartphone and tablet, the PC does not get much use at home anymore. The tablet and phone usually sit right there on the coffe table ready for use and I'd have to actually get up from the couch to use the PC. I also have a laptop that usually sits nearby, so if the main PC is turned on, and I need to look at something on the PC or do something on it, I will remote desktop to it from the laptop.

The PC holds all my MP3 files, photos, home movies, and electronic copies of movies, so I find most often it is used to stream media content from, to my TV or tablet or smarthphone through my home network.