Top 10 Cool Websites

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Top 10 Cool Websites
Tue, 01-01-2013 - 5:48pm

1. Test the speed of your Internet connection - Have you ever wondered if you're getting the Internet service that you're paying for? Here's a great site that can tell you how speedy your connection is.

2. Delete online accounts for good - Do you have too much personal data flying around on the Internet? This site tells you how to delete unwanted online accounts.

3. Find free goods near you - Want to get rid of items filling up your garage or spare room? Here's a site that allows you to list items you're giving away or find items other people are giving away.

4. Ultra-cute puppy cam - Feeling down? I dare you to stay sad after tuning in to this adorable puppy cam! You can watch archive video of these six baby pit bulls and their mother 24/7.

5. Find out if there's a sex offender near you - A convicted sex offender could be living on your block - no joke! Here's a handy website that can tell you where predators live - just enter your ZIP code.

6. Fun online puzzles - Most fun computer games are action-packed, flashy and challenging. But sometimes, it's fun to play an old-fashioned game. Here's an online jigsaw puzzle site with a new puzzle posted each day.

7. Search and find people online - Do you want to connect with old friends? This site scours more than 60 sites ranging from social media to news sites to help you find old pals.

8. Funny forms to improve your communication - Communication is hard; and that's coming from someone who does it for a living! Here's a fun site that has humorous "official" forms for apologies, complaints, bad news and more!

9. The new phone book - This website combines the phone book with modern social networking technology to help you build relationships with the people you see every day.

10. Watch free old films online - Looking for great old movies to watch online? Find classic movies from all the way back to 1910! You'll also find films all the way up to the 1970s.

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Wed, 01-02-2013 - 2:23am

Thanks for posting. Those look like fun sites. #7 is also good to type in your own name to see what's out there about yourself.