Windows 9 to be Announced in April

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Windows 9 to be Announced in April
Mon, 01-13-2014 - 4:12pm

"Microsoft will attempt to distance itself from Windows 8 by announcing its successor, Windows 9, at the company's annual Build conference in April, according to prominent Microsoft blogger Paul Thurrott.

The new OS, which is said to ship in April 2015 and is currently codenamed "Threshold," will reportedly aim to be to Windows 8 what Windows 7 was to the unpopular Vista. "To distance itself from the Windows 8 debacle, Microsoft is currently planning to drop the Windows 8 name and brand this next release as Windows 9. That could change, but that's the current thinking," wrote Thurrott on his blog."

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What do you guys think? If you have Win8, are you happy with it? Are you on a touch screen?

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Sun, 02-02-2014 - 1:17pm

It is about time. 

I have Windows Vista on my desktop. It is closest to XP, I still have an email client on here called Windows Mail. Windows Live mail I did try when I got the machine, I hated it. I still liked Outlook Express. Then when I needed a new Laptop I got Windows 7. I hate it and nothing anyone tells me is going to make Vista the bad guy here, for me. Well from what I have read even the geeks are saying that maybe Vista got a bad rap. 

Now Windows

I am getting close to needing to upgrade. But the more I looked into Window 8 the more I knew that is not what I want. Reminds me of a smart phone and heaven knows if I will ever master that I will never have a touch screen for my computer.

My hard drive bit the dust last year and I replaced that and thought I should upgrade. But this thing is running very well, and will be supported till 2017 so by that time I am sure that Windows 8 will be gone.

I was worried that they were going to do away with desktops but then was told that there are people that just can't work on a little people that work with graphics. I love my desktop if I had to I would (but I wouldn't like to) go to a Mac. 

I almost bought an all in one for the camper, which we spend a good 5 months in through the summer. It has a desk in there and I don't take the laptop anywhere. But even though it has a 17" screen I still like my 22" one here at home.

At least I can still hold off for a


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Tue, 02-18-2014 - 3:12pm

I have 8 but no touch screen. I have gotten used to the weird hybrid interface now, but it was a learning curve. I now boot straight into the desktop thanks to the option given in 8.1. I like some of the other tweaks they have done to other aspects of the OS, the improved task manager, etc. So I basically have no use for and never use the default start screen.

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Wed, 04-30-2014 - 11:45pm

I am waiting for Windows 9. I have vista on my desktop at home and Windows 7 on my laptop.......while the laptop has not given me any problems I just do not like 7 at all......and while they say that Vista is unpopular several geeks are now saying that it probably wasn't given the respect it should have had.......I agree with that.