That email......bad stuff..

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That email......bad stuff..
Wed, 02-29-2012 - 3:17pm

Some one reminded me about email again so I would like to pass this on..I know most of you guys know this but never hurts to be reminded.....

We all get emails that tell us to forward to either 10 people or ALL the people in you address book....just don't do it.....think a lot before you forward anything.

I kind of got told off by some people I know because I deleted emails that said thing like this..........FORWARD TO AT LEAST 10 OF YOUR FRIENDS AND SAVE THIS DYING GIRL THAT NEEDS.......SOMETHING LIKE TRANSPLANT OF SOME SUCH even said or have her death on your hands.......or forward this email and in 3 days you will be rewarded but delete it and something bad will happen to you.......

For one thing if that kid died it wasn't because of an email and by now she should be 40 years old .....and I have deleted messages and nothing bad happened to can an email come back and hit me?