Getting Past Anger After Losing Your Job

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Getting Past Anger After Losing Your Job
Tue, 04-30-2013 - 2:15pm

I wanted to pass along this article about a man who dealt with the anger over losing his job, and what helped the most: 

"Negative feelings still come and go," he said. "But, I've tried to convert anger and bitterness into action, and action has kept me busy and that certainly has helped my well-being."

His advice for others who've lost a job? "Fight hard and fast to get past the anger. Talk to people you trust. Get busy working on something."

Knowlese said he's found it's also very important -- at least for him -- to keep a fairly regular routine. "The routine keeps you healthy and tells you you have validity," he said. "You follow these mundane patterns in life because you have a purpose."

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Do you think his advice would work for you?