Have your considered starting your own business with direct sales? (xposted)

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Have your considered starting your own business with direct sales? (xposted)
Sat, 10-19-2013 - 7:27pm

WIth jobs being so hard to find, I was wondering if anybody here has considered going into business for themselves with direct sales?

I have actually tried two and was wondering if anybody else had done so as well and what your experiences were?

My first try was Avon SEVERAL years ago!  I put my all into it, but just couldn't make it work.  The costs were always greater than what I brought in, especially with having to buy new books every couple of weeks.

Needless to say I was really hesitant to try another, but now I find myself selling Scentsy and I'm finding that I do actually enjoy it, which suprises me more than it does anybody else!  Not even 3 months in and I'm already getting protomoted which is really cool!

What direct sales companies have your tried?  How did you like it?

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I am semi-annonymous on here, so I am not going to share too many details, but wanted to throw out my two cents.

I think a big thing to consider is the use up rate of what you are selling.  Tupperware lasts forever, so cosmetics and skin care especially, or such as your Scentsy are good places to consider.  There is definately money to be made in some of these organizations, so finding a good fit is important.  Not only do you need to love the product, you have to love the company and what it stands for. 

This is just my opinion, but using Avon as just an example with such a huge inventory, I would find it hard to stay current everything.  I would suggest staying with an organization that specializes in one area, such as Scentsy, Mary Kay, the former Creative Memories, or even Pure Romance.  There a couple other cosmetics companies out there also.  I forget the name of the Candle one, but that is another example of some level of consumption, but the hardware probably lasts for years and years. 

I am biased towards Mary Kay, but there are other direct selling cosmetics companies out there.  Think consumption and reorders! 


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