It's like a standoff

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It's like a standoff
Mon, 11-19-2012 - 12:37pm

I'm going through a weird thing right now. In September my boss called me into his office and let me know the company is not doing well and they were going to have to start laying people off. He said that he kept me out of the first round of layoffs but that was the best he could do and I should get my resume ready. I was told I had around 6 weeks and so I started job hunting right away and he knows that. I've only gotten 3 interviews so far which is frustrating. Meanwhile they eventually asked me to take a temporary paycut to stop some of the layoffs but it was pretty clear it wouldn't stop my eventual demise - but what could I do I need the money and if it is going to buy me more time... The stupid part about this whole thing is that I have been here 10 years, since the company started, I'm an excellent worker, all of my accounts are profitable and my clients are vocal about how much they love me. I know they are trying to cut costs and being here the longest I get paid well (not paid the most by any means though) but I don't understand why they wouldn't keep me instead of 2 other people who are terrible at their jobs who their clients have said are hard to work with and their accounts aren't profitable. 

They've started filtering some work away from me and haven't given me any new clients. Its basically a standoff. They want me gone but for some reason aren't firing me, they know I'm activly looking for a new job but I'm not getting many takers. I can feel they are getting antsy which is so stupid, if you want me gone fire me. It feels horrible coming here everyday but it's like, what else can I do?

The whole thing has just made my self esteem plumet and I feel depressed all the time. They are the idiots making very bad choices that are running our company into the ground, yet they can keep their million dollar homes and summer homes and fancy cars and country club memberships while I have to take a paycut and am just waiting to be let go. I'm beyond frustrating. I'm sure people here can relate?

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Mon, 11-19-2012 - 1:22pm

Welcome to the board Jarock and yes you're in the right place because many others on this board have been in similar positions.  I agree that the standoff is ridiculous, but I suspect employers do it hoping that employees will just quit and then they can contest their unemployment claim.  That doesn't mean you won't be able to get unemployment benefits, but it certainly drags out the process if your past employer is arguing that you left them high and dry.

Even though it doesn't seem like it now I would say you're in an ok position considering that you know the layoff is coming.  Knowing well in advance has allowed you to polish up your resume, job hunt, and go on interviews.  I understand that you haven't had any takers yet, but you've had interviews and anyone on this board will tell you that's amazing.  You're being proactive about your circumstances and that is really your best defense.  If you can also start cutting costs in your household and start gathering the documents you'll need in case you file an unemployment claim that would be great as well.

As for the increasingly toxic work situation I'd say its better to ride it out with a professional smile plastered on your face until they lay you off or you get another job offer.  Who knows why they chose to keep 2 poorly performing employees over you and you shouldn't keep wasting your energy trying to figure that out.  You have an excellent track record and the customers that will miss dealing with you will likely take their business elsewhere.  None of this is your fault and it isn't fair, but all you can really do is move forward.  In time there will be a better opportunity for you.  Do come back and visit the board and let us know how you're doing, vent, or whatever.  You're in good company here Smile

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Tue, 11-20-2012 - 4:50pm

  Sometimes they just want you gone.  That is what happens to a lot of people.  Just put yourself into the mode of frugality and weather the storm.  Hint: take care of any medical-dental problems now!  Have several plans to survive and ck the requirements for unemployment insurance,food stamps and any other help to weather the storm.  Also ck into programs that may train you for another profession.  leave no stone unturned.   Document,document document and do not quit unless you have a bonafide offer!