Six job tips in ninety seconds

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Six job tips in ninety seconds
Thu, 02-14-2013 - 1:31pm

A tough job market requires fresh approaches for breaking through and managing your career.

In this Money Quick Tips, we offer six key things to keep in mind:

•Part-time is the new way of the world.
Employers want to try you out. Get in the door and do a good job. It will likely make you a front-runner if a full-time position opens up. Temp agencies can be a great way to get on-house exposure.

• Elance is the new freelance.
If you have specific skills you can bid on specific projects at, where there are thousands of opportunities. Teams of people are getting together to bid on work together, the CEO says.

•Bilingual matters.
Even knowing a little bit of a second language can really differentiate you. Take advantage of free language apps or programs like Rosetta Stone to learn a second language.

•Be service-minded.
There is one thing computers can't do and that's — by definition — be humane. Being nice and having a good personality is a real plus in a service-driven economy.

•Look at the total equation.
If a job is far away from your home or if you need child care the math may not work. On the flip side, if you are getting health benefits the value of a full-time position may be priceless.

•Don't go for perfect.
We're prone to overthinking whether to take a job or not. If an opportunity seems good enough have at it. Don't expect any job to meet your every expectation.


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Sun, 02-17-2013 - 12:52pm

Don't go for perfect is an excellent tip.  Yes we all have our dealbreakers, but there are plenty of things we just want which are perks that we can live without.  It is very important to recognize the difference especially in such a lean economy.  It's also important to realize that we don't have to be in a job until we're ready to retire.  It is perfectly ok to take a job that that is not perfect, but doable, and then move on in a couple of years when a better and closer to perfect opportunity comes along.

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Tue, 02-19-2013 - 1:42am

I can vouch for the first two tips too. I've been hired a few times from temporary or part-time positions. I've also been involved in Elance (there are several similar sites too) and lots of people are quite successful getting work there.