Do this happen in your workplaces?

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Do this happen in your workplaces?
Fri, 08-01-2014 - 1:40pm

Can you go to the restroom on your own while you are work?


Or you have to ask a coworker the favor to cover your desk while you are in the bathroom?


I know this is a stupid question but I want to know if these things really happen at all workplaces from other countries or is it just on mine.


I have a female coworker who even if she is really really need to go pee or the second, she cant leave her desk that easily, she has to call another coworker who is not even sitting next to her but in other department to cover her desk and phone so she can go to the restroom and if this coworker cant help her because she is busy for example, this lady cant go to the restroom until she finds someone who can go to her place and cover her for a few minutes.

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Tue, 08-05-2014 - 5:16pm

This woman who has to call somebody from another department to cover for her, is she the only receptionist or phone operator? I've never worked in a huge compartmentalized office setting, but every place I've worked the receptionist did need to ask somebody to cover for her when she left her work area. Sometimes they worked in a different part of the same room, and didn't go sit at the receptionist's desk but kept an eye on it from their own desk.

I can understand that a company would not want a client to enter the office and have nobody there to greet them, direct them to their destination, notify their contact that they have arrived, etc.

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Thu, 08-07-2014 - 1:36pm

Yes she is the sole receptionist at  the company but the company does not have many employees perhaps about 25 exployees at the most. Imagine that the lady told me that it had happened before that she ran out of options in order for her desk to be covered (cause her options either cant cover for her at the moment, they are busy or in a meeting, or on the phone)  that sometimes she has to leave her desk unattended  for a few minutes cause she cant hold anymore just to wait I dont know how many minutes until someone come to her desk to cover for her. I found that really unfair cause everyone at her office had all the time they want to go to the restroom and they do not have to wait for anyone to cover their desk, they can go freely. But this lady, she knows well what is her position but she also said it is unfair that she has to wait so many minutes holding, just cause she need to find someone to cover her desk in the meantime, otherwise she then could pee on the desk waiting for someone to cover her.