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Hi Everyone,

Okay so today I have called in sick from work today because I had the feeling of wanting to faint many of times this morning.  When I called my boss to tell him, which by the way he is an assistant manager and the store doesnt have a manager yet, he said he is goig to see what he can do.  I have explained to him my feeling of wanting to faint and that I have made a doctors appt with my doctor for today.    An hour or so after we have talked, my boss called me and left me a message saying he got coverage for me for tonight that I would need to be in to work tomorrow to allow the other supervisor his day off.   Today was supposed to be the supervisors day off today and mine is supposed to be tomorrow.  I was trying very hard to wait on my day off to go to the doctors but my symptoms was getting worse so I couldnt wait. Anyway,  I went to my doctors and when I got out, I saw there were two missed calls on my phone and it was my boss.  He called me to see if I have received the first message about going into work tomorrow so the other supervisor can have his day off, which again, was today but covered for me since I am sick.  So my boss said to call him on his cell or he said leave a message at work. SO I called my work to see if he was there and I guess i just missed him so I spoke with the supervisor, and he said my boss has been trying to get ahold of you.  I said I know I'm just trying to see if he was here first before I call his cell. SO I called his cell and no answer and i wasnt able to leave a message on his cell since his voicemail wasnt hooked up.   So now 5 hours later he called me back leaving me a message saying I need you to call me, I am opening tomorrow, and the other supervisor is off.  I have not returned his call.  I feel like I am being harrassed.  I am doing what I am supposed to do if I have called in sick.  It just seems like this is going to be a battle. Any advice? 


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I'm confused, how is this harrassment when all he's trying to do is confirm whether or not you will be covering for the other supervisor tomorrow?  Why haven't you been picking up the phone when he calls, or calling him right back?  All I see is a matter of playing phone tag. 

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When he called the first time, I was in my appointment and I did call him back but he left for the day, so I called his cell and he didnt answer is phone. I was goign to leave a message but his voicemail wasnt hooked up. The other time he called back, I was sleeping and didnt know he called back til I woke up to look at the phone. Then it was too late in the night to call him back. I guess I feel like I was being harrassed a little by he told me to leave a message at work and I did but yet he kept calling me wanting me to work tonight, when I cant. Now I'm under drs care. Thanks,
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I agree with Itchick. I don't see this as harrassment. I think you just need to be clearer and more forthright in contacting your boss and answering his calls. I understand you weren't feeling well, but if you had his cell could you have texted him to allay his fears that you wouldn't show up on the day after your doctor appointment? It doesn't seem like he was yelling or berating you, but wanting to make sure that he would be staffed at the store the day after you called out sick.

Are you not working now?


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