I hate my job!

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I hate my job!
Sun, 05-18-2014 - 10:12pm

I am a lawyer and I have been with the same small firm for 17 yrs--I started off working there part time while I tried to get my own cases and eventually realized it would be easier just to increase my hours there--I have been full time for a long time, but since I started off part time, my boss still treats me like an independent contractor, although I finally got him to pay me as an employee and take out taxes.  I wanted the assurance that if I ever got laid off, I could collect unemployment.  I get NO benefits--no paid holidays, sick days or insurance.  Plus my pay is low.

My boss used to be very hands off but about a year ago, he has this total personality change and now wants to micromanage everything.  He has also become very agressive towards the "other side."  I really don't even want to be associated with him because his behavior is embarrassing.  Last week I talked to a mediator who I actually went to law school with--he said "either your boss is a genius or he's on drugs."  Behind his back, people always comment to me about how I do all the work.

So obviously I am looking for another job but I feel that due to my age (over 50) plus being in this unknown law firm for so long it's really working against me.  I know you are supposed to network and I tell everyone I know that I'm looking but so far it's not helping.  I have had some interviews but no offers yet.  I don't really have a question, just kind of venting.

Oh I also complained 2 weeks ago because I was waiting for a case settlement to come in because he's always promising me a bonus and the one I got was miniscule, so I actually wrote my boss an email and complained about how he is making these promises and then didn't come through--he said he would talk to me, but we were busy and he never got around to it--and last week he went on vacation.  I can't wait to see him try to tell me about how he has no money--after he comes back from a week away.