I really need some advice..

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I really need some advice..
Thu, 11-29-2012 - 6:38pm

Hi all-

So I know this is not exactly a work question, but I am a college student so my classes are my work. I am a Journalism major at a big University, and I am planning to go to law school. This semester has been a struggle for me. I was misusing adderall, and that resulted in poor work ethic. I'm in a multimedia class, and I'm doing pretty poorly. My professor does not like me at all, and I am not that great at technical editing. So we had a final project due yesterday, and I was not proud of my work. In fact, it's pretty horrible. We always watch everyone's projects in class, then we get critiqued. I tried to explain to my professor that I don't feel good about my finished project and didn't feel comfortable sharing it. He said it's part of everyone's grade to share it, and if I don't my grade will suffer. He says I have to present Tuesday. I'm getting anxiety just thinking about showing it. What can I do?! Any advice would help so much.


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Mon, 12-03-2012 - 3:32pm

In school, and as you'll find in a job, you'll have to do things for which you might not feel totally prepared.  Thankfully at this point, though, you have some time left before you need to present in front of your class.  Use this time wisely to go over, and over, and over your presentation so you're as comfortable as you can be during the presentation.  If you aren't proud of some aspects of your work, pick out the best parts of it and make sure to focus on those.  Think of the spin you can put on the overall project to even maybe refocus it a bit to avoid those areas that you feel aren't great.

This should be a good learning experience for you.  Take your experience this semester and get help for your adderall abuse so that next semester you'll be on the right track, performing in a way that helps you to be proud of yourself.


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Thu, 11-29-2012 - 8:51pm

When you say you aren't doing well in the class does that mean you're failing and no matter how well you do on the remaining assignments you'll still fail?  Because if that's the case then it doesn't matter if you show your final project or not because you'd fail regardless.

If you mean you're not doing well, but still passing then if you want to pass the course you'll show your final project.  Often we're our own worst critics so perhaps your classmates will see something good in the project.

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