I sit for hours at work with nothing to do!

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I sit for hours at work with nothing to do!
Tue, 06-04-2013 - 10:45am

The title says it all. I recently started a part time job working 2 days a week at an office 3 blocks from my husband. We can carpool which is great. I have been the for 8 weeks and of those 8 weeks (16 days days of working there), I have had 4 days with nothing to do.

 I work in the HR dept which consist of 3 of us. I ask the HR manager and the other assistant for stuff to do and neither of them ever have stuff for me to do or the give me a task that only last 30 minutes.  You would think that the other 3 days I am not there, that they could come up with stuff for me to do!  Thurs May 30 the HR manager handed me the life insurance benefit booklet that had 5 pages to it and told me to study it. Which did not take long. So I went to her and said I had finished and needed something else to do. She said, "well we don't have anything for you. Why don't you go home at 9:30 a.m." She knows I carpool with my husband. I replied, "I can't go home, my husband has to work till 4:30" (we travel 30 miles one way to work).  So I sat for till 4:30 with nothing to do. At least I can meet my husband for lunch!

She gave me a task a my first week there to research to different online survey companies. They want to use a survey company to conduct exit interviews. I did the research typed up the facts I found and went to give it to her. She snapped back at me and said, "I am not ready for you to give me this information. I will let you know when I am ready for it".  She never asked for the info.

So last Tues I go in and I am suppose to start work at 8:00 a.m but I get there at 7:30 because traffic for some reason in Cleveland was light. She hears me unlocked my office door and comes running to me and yells at me for getting there so early!  This is the 2nd time in 8 weeks she has yelled at me for coming in early and by early I mean its 7:30 when I arrive. I am like WTH.. 

 Then the other assistant is off last Tues. so I ask the HR manager for something to do. She said she had nothing and she would be tied up all day with interviews and other meetings. Well my computer crashed at 9:15 and the IT dept had to take it to fix it. So there I sat in my office just surfing the net on my phone, dusted my desk, listened to the radio. My computer did not get fixed till 4:00 p.m.  At this time I am mad that first she yells at me for getting there early, then she has nothing for me to do and I sit for 6 hours doing nothing. So I decided they could take this job and shove it. I write my resignation letter and leave it and my office key on my desk.

 She called yesterday and left a voicemail to say she just found my resignation letter and is sorry to see me go. She then said, " I hope you will continue to take my calls". And I thought what is she talking about. Its not like we are best friends who just had a fight. I have nothing to say to her why would I talk to her on the phone!  I did not let the voicemail finish and just deleted it.

Did I mention I was working at a headquarters for a Church!


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Sat, 06-15-2013 - 7:45pm

My one suggestion to you is this: ask more questions about the job and what is expected of you before saying yes to it. Your first clue at this job was the fact it was "part-time." Obviously, it was created because someone else either asked or complained they needed help, and equally obvious someone didn't really look to see if a part-time person was the answer or perhaps a reordering of priorities or redelegation of tasks.

My other suggestion is do more homework on the kind of work you want to do before applying for a specific position. The No. 1 problem for employers isn't lack of applicants for a given position, it's the lack of knowing what is really needed or expected of the person they want to hire. So, you have to do some homework to discover what it is the real "problem" or challenge they are having. You can only do that by talking to people and discovering what it is they really need. That way you can decided whether you even want to apply for the job in the first place.

Good luck.

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Tue, 06-18-2013 - 11:47am

It sounds like this wasn't really a good fit for you or your employer. If you didn't need the job and didn't enjoy it, I guess it's probably for the best that you quit.

If you wanted to work for an organization but were bored, I would suggest handling the situation differently. As you've left this situation, not even listening to the full voicemail or making sure your resignation was actually delivered to your boss, I don't see you being able to successfully salvage it or turn it around now.

It's fine for you to vent here, but if you're ever seeking advice in the future, please do ask for it sooner in the situation :)


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