To job or not to job

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To job or not to job
Thu, 05-29-2014 - 7:27pm

Hey everyone!

I've been out of work for two months now and have been on the job interview merry-go-round since then. One company has had me come in for 5 different interviews with 5 different people over a 4 weeks period. After two weeks of silence they emailed me a job offer earlier today. I currently have no other job offers on the table but have recently applied for a job that fits my experience and skillset perfectly and is exactly the kind of job I've been waiting for so I am sincerely hoping to be called for an interview. This creates a bit of a pickle. Had the first company offered me the job two weeks ago I would have taken it right away. But knowing that this other job opportunity is out there is creating some doubts.There are several issues that I keep running in my head and it's making me a bit crazy. If anyone has any insight I would greatly appreciate it!

1) I know that I need to respond to this email job offer as I don't want them to think I'm no longer interested. What's an appropriate time frame to give them to mull over their offer and still hold out hope for a response from the other company? 

2) What's the appropriate amount of time to wait to see if the other company is interested?

3) I had applied to another job about a month ago at the same company that is offering this second job opportunity that I'm so excited about. They are actually a very specialized job placement service. I wasn't exactly perfect for that particular job but I was interested in learning more about it. After I applied they responded several hours later with a simple form email stating "we receive many resumes a month and aplogize that we are not able to respond to everyone..." followed by links to their website and social media pages. It's been three days I haven't received that form email and I had applied for the second job opportunity using a different email address accidentally (this is why you shouldn't link your emails with your apple accounts). Could this possibly be a sign I'm being considered? Or maybe they just deleted my resume?

I know that I'm probably reading into this too much and really need to let go and let the universe do what it does since a lot of this is out of my hands now. A decision needs to be made. But I REALLY want this second job opportunity but don't want to let go of this other offer if this second opportunity isn't possible. I am grasping at straws to give me any indication on what I should do. Any guidance, insight or stories you can share regarding similar experiences?