Thank you card post-interview: Yay or nay? Thoughtful or tacky? Chime in!

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Thank you card post-interview: Yay or nay? Thoughtful or tacky? Chime in!
Thu, 07-17-2014 - 4:56pm

Do you think it's a good idea or brown-nosing to send a thank you card after you've had an interview?

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I made the famous "follow up call" after an interview one time, and the lady became extremely angry that I disturbed her "for that".  Never again.  I would send a thank you's safer.

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What a good question! I wouldn't personally do it, UNLESS I was interviewing with the person I'd be working for directly. If it's through human resources, then I'd say no. But if you're interviewing with say a local company and your interview is with the person you'll be working with, then a nice thank you may be a good idea.

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I think a thank you card has a couple of purposes, one to thank the interviewer, and two to reiterate your interest in the position.  I prefer sending a thank you email which can include asking the interviewer if they need any more information about you, or add something (experience) you may have forgotten to include initially.  An email opens up a line of two-way communication with the company wherein a card is only one-way.

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The fastest way to set your application above the rest is through thank you cards. I use a service that allows me to create them online and then send then through the mail - everything is automated. I use it for job search, when networking, and any other time I can think of. 

You can use a card I created or any that are on the site, or create your own. And you only have to purchase one card at a time. Cheapest option that I have found out there. Check it out - it works like a charm!