Job interview - opnions please

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Job interview - opnions please
Fri, 09-13-2013 - 8:40pm

I had a job interview on Wed.  It went well.  Lasted an hour. During the middle of it and towards the end she started telling me about benefits, salary, when second interviews are, when they are going to make a decision(next Wed ), when they wanted the person to start ,when and where training was ( out of the area). She asked me for references which I had ready. She said they were still interviewing this week.

She asked me if this all sounded OK and if I wanted to proceed.  Sure.  So she has me fill out an app took my DL (kind of mad I gave it without a job offer)  Don't know why she wanted it.  I mean I know for verifications on stuff for employment but I was not even asked to a second interview.

It is Friday and and no call yet.  Yeah they can still call Mon for a tues interview.  But I also saw the job posted the next day. I know they are looking for 2 locations but the one I interviewed for was up.  

So they decided within 12 hours none of us were good enough?  Or the posting was just due up if they had it already set to post? The gal is leaving the position like really soon so they need to fill it quickly. 

I get that a company wants to let you know things so you can make a decision as well.  Make sure you are OK with stuff too.  Can I get away to train, do I need better health care than what they can offer, better salary...etc...  I get all that.

But unless you, the employer, is really interested in me,  why ask if I want to proceed if you are not going to proceed?  

That is my beef here.  You wanted to know if I was OK with what you said.  I said yes.  You wanted to take the next step and fill out the app.

And then..... nothing.  That to me is a waste.  If she had just left it as a don't call us we will call you type thing I'd be like OK whatever, normal interview stuff.  But she genuinely wanted to know if bottom line I wanted the job and she went further with it.  Now nothing,  

Ok just ranting here.....any idea's?  Too early to be irritated?  

Thanks all.....

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Sun, 09-15-2013 - 9:19am

It is way too soon to be irritated. There could be any number of reasons why you haven't heard back yet including an emergency, a sudden project or account that needed attention or someone just dragging their feet.

Have you sent your follow up letter or email? Did you get a response to it?

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Mon, 09-16-2013 - 11:47am

"But unless you, the employer, is really interested in me,  why ask if I want to proceed if you are not going to proceed?"

I don't know how many interviews you've gone on in your life, but you don't seem to understand how the process works. 

I do a lot of interviews.  Unless someone is so horrible I couldn't face ever seeing them again, I want to know if they are interested in going to the next step.  If they have heard something during the interview that made them say "no way" to themselves, I want to know that so I don't waste my time and my colleagues' time setting up further interviews.  This is standard practice.

If the interviewer had met, say, 10 people for the job, do you think she would decide on the spot that you were the one? I suspect she needed to continue meeting people through Friday, then probably discuss with the next-level hiring manager or her peers who they want to bring back for a second interview.  Which will be more than one person, in most cases.

Asking you for your driver's license when you're in the staffing person's office makes a ton of sense.  Suppose you get a second interview, that will be with a hiring manager, not HR - do you think the hiring manager is going to collect your driver's license?  No, that is HR's job.  They want to have it so that they can run a check on you to make sure you're not a felon.

You are seeing this situation only from the perspective of "I want a job."  To effectively interview, you need to let a potential employer know that you meet *their* needs, not just that you want to make sure *your* needs are met.  It would help if you try to think about what their process is.  If you don't know, ask.  For example, if the interviewer says, "We plan to make a decision by next Wed," make sure you know what that decision is - who to bring back for a second round, or who they are going to hire?  Ask when you can check back if you haven't heard from them by a certain date.

It is far too easy to be irritated.  Be careful that you don't appear huffy in an interview situation.  No one wants to hire someone who acts like they are entitled to the job.