Jumping through the "new" job interview hoops

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Jumping through the "new" job interview hoops
Mon, 04-16-2012 - 12:13pm

Like most of us seeking employment, I've been counting myself lucky to land an initial interview -- and absolutely ecstatic to sometimes get called back for a second one. You know the old adage "Hope spring eternal"... even though I know a second interview just means I made it past the initial cut, I still cling to hope; we have to, don't we?

That said, I just read this article and WOW!!! 10 interviews??

I consider myself an extreme optimist, but even I have my limits. I don't know that I'd spend that kind of time and expense, even if I had the spare funds! How many interviews would you go on for one single job before you threw in the towel?

The most I've been called back after an initial interview so far is three times and that wasn't too stressful.

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At this time in my life I would continue through 50 interviews if it landed me a better job. I can't believe how much job interviews have changed just in the past few years with the type questions that are being asked. I have to wonder what is driving such changes and I honestly believe it's the cost of health care. I think an employer is not only trying to discover what type person you are but they are also gauging what kind of health you are in and how much you might potentially cost them in health premiums over the years if they were to hire you.

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That is ridiculous!

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I've changed careers five times over the past three decades. I've never had more than three in-person interviews for any job I got. And once I started the job, I figured out that HR basically wrote a "everything-and-the-kitchen-sink" job description and posted it hoping to get someone who fit.

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I'd say my interview limit for a single position is 3.

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It is completely ridiculas how much you have to go through to apply, interview and so on.

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That was just such a shock to read!

I went going through the interview process for working in my law firm was bad enough!

I completely agree with everything that has been said here. Some companies are becoming specific in what they want it can make it a very gruelling process for anyone involved.

My friend sent me this link on Friday that I thought I had to share given this discussion. Probably the only time when competing against thousands of applicants is actually worth it!


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