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Mon, 11-18-2013 - 5:44pm

Do you include references on or with your resume?  Who did you ask for references from?

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Tue, 11-19-2013 - 11:49am

Including references on your resume is pretty old fashioned for most jobs. If the job description specifically requests you to incldue references or it's common for that particular job/field is the only time I would put it on there. 

I ask for references from people who know me well. When I'd just graduated it was professors and prior managers. Now that I've been out of school a while I only ask prior managers. I suppose you could also ask a co-worker or employee if it was appropriate. People do expect you to ask and many of them will actually be pleased to do this for you. They know they need this help from time to time as well.

Incidentally, this is one reason why you fill out your LinkedIn profile. If you actually have an engaged and proactive potential manager they will look at your LinkedIn profile and see who the two of you know in common. For what it's worth I've never had anyone do that but I've heard others do that especially if you're in a field where people like to use LinkedIn.