The Top Job Search Sites for Job Seekers

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The Top Job Search Sites for Job Seekers
Fri, 06-15-2012 - 8:46pm

An argument could be made for not relying solely on the top job sites based on the fact that millions of other job seekers are using them. However, because these sites are the most visited and have the most job postings it is still worth incorporating them into your job search.

Here are the top sites, along with a brief description of what you will find. Some sites require you to register, others let you search without signing-up. Job seekers can post their resume and apply directly online. Most sites offer job search agents so you can sign-up to have new listings that meet your criteria sent via email. Many sites provide extensive career resources too, including salary information and career advice.

Top Job Sites 
Post your resume and search by location, job title, keyword, and salary. Good source for local positions.

There's nothing fancy or significantly searchable about Craig's List. Just a simple list of "real" jobs. Click on the city that interests you and review the list of job openings.
Use the job search engines like to search all the top job sites, company sites and online newspapers with one or two clicks.

The web's most popular national (and international) database of employment opportunities.

Networking Sites 
Even though they are not specifically geared to job searching, business and social networking sites (liked LinkedIn and MySpace) should be on your list of the top sites to use when job searching. Networking (online as well as offline) is still the primary way people find jobs and these sites are simple and easy to use to make connections that will help with your job search.

Diversify Your Job Search

Usage is concentrated at the top career sites, Monster, CareerBuilder and Dice, however, it doesn't seem to make much sense, though, to exclusively use just one site for job hunting. There are hundreds of niche sites that focus on specific locations or types of careers. You may find fewer positions to apply for, but, they are certainly there. There is also less competition, since the smaller sites do not get the volume of visitors that the larger sites do.

In addition to visiting all the top job sites, job seekers should utilize the local sites that cover their city or state. Use the jobs by state directory to find job opening in your location. Also visit the sites that focus on a specific occupation. There are job sites that focus on job about every career you can imagine - from Architecture to Zoology and everything in between. Be sure to check them too. Local Chambers of Commerce and local business newspapers are good resources for identifying companies to apply to.

In order achieve success in their job search, job seekers must target a wide range of employers and use all the available resources. Yes, it time consuming. However, dedicating the time and energy will pay off with more and better job leads, more interviews and more job offers!

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