Was I just used on this recruitment process?

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Was I just used on this recruitment process?
Fri, 03-09-2012 - 7:25am

Recently I sent my CV to a digital marketing agency and they contacted me in order to do a skype interview with the manager that went well. Then he sent me a case for me to do in 48h. The case was to do a digital marketing strategy plan to a "hypothetical" client (that I knew later is a real potential client of them). If they liked my case, I would go there to the agency and present it to them like on a real client scenario.

I've spent 2 days working hard on the case that was too much work for just 2 days and very detailed. I sent him the case 3 weeks ago and didn't hear anything more from him! He just replied on the day I sent the case saying "thank you and we'll look forward to review it and coming back to you" (3 weeks ago...). I sent him an email last Wednesday asking if he already has feedback and nothing, no reply. And I can see he's online on skype...

I found this a real lack of respect. I had only 48h to do the task, but they spent 3 weeks without any reply! I'm starting to think that I was just used and that the recruitment process was not real, they only wanted ideas for free to use to gain their client...

I'm keen on escalate this to the agency's CEO, to also contact the Marketing Director at the client's company telling him about this, and also leave a bad review on their Glassdoor page. They just can't do this kind of stuff!

Can you please advise me? Thank you.

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Fri, 03-09-2012 - 1:12pm

I can only say what I would do as I agree that you were not treated fairly....

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