Current Job is making me unhappy and not helping me move forward

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Current Job is making me unhappy and not helping me move forward
Wed, 05-29-2013 - 11:34pm


I am currently working as an event planner for a corporate company for the last 8 months. My work setting is very demanding, and has very little room for error to be done. Since ive been working there, I have lost alot of myself confidence in doing work and just lost interest in my position period. I am currently living with a parent and have not moved out, because i have a fearful feeling that if I ever make a little mistake, they may end of firing me. I have to walk on eggshells and CYA at work. By feeling like this, i feel that i am not moving forward with mylife for example moving out of my parents house without feeling a fear failure. I have been job search for the last 3 months and nothing comes up that meet my interest. I sometime feel i should downgrade my job title for a position that will make me happy and allow me to feel confident with moving forward with my life, of goodness sake im 28 years old.

The real true is that i am REALLY considering on giving my job a 2 week notice and pursue my wedding consulting company full time, however i know its a HUGE risk,yet im fearful to fail if my business does not success within the next 6 months.

Please advice .