Current Job is making me unhappy and not helping me move forward

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Current Job is making me unhappy and not helping me move forward
Wed, 05-29-2013 - 11:34pm


I am currently working as an event planner for a corporate company for the last 8 months. My work setting is very demanding, and has very little room for error to be done. Since ive been working there, I have lost alot of myself confidence in doing work and just lost interest in my position period. I am currently living with a parent and have not moved out, because i have a fearful feeling that if I ever make a little mistake, they may end of firing me. I have to walk on eggshells and CYA at work. By feeling like this, i feel that i am not moving forward with mylife for example moving out of my parents house without feeling a fear failure. I have been job search for the last 3 months and nothing comes up that meet my interest. I sometime feel i should downgrade my job title for a position that will make me happy and allow me to feel confident with moving forward with my life, of goodness sake im 28 years old.

The real true is that i am REALLY considering on giving my job a 2 week notice and pursue my wedding consulting company full time, however i know its a HUGE risk,yet im fearful to fail if my business does not success within the next 6 months.

Please advice .

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If you have a wedding consultant company, then why not continue that as an extra income? Save that money for when you are ready to make your move? Build it up so when you do make that move, it more establish and you will have a better idea of the income it will generate. You need to relax and accept that you can only do your best. If they want to fire you then there is nothing you can do about that. So worrying about it is just adding to the stressful situation. It almost sounds like you wish they would fire you so you could be done with it. That attitude may show through so be sure to hide that at work :) Good luck, Dee
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This Kitsy Lane Program is awesome.  No cost to join is right up my alley.  I'm going to test this one to see how I can grow a comfortable income and then I'll pass it on to my friends.  Thanks for the share.

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Welcome to the real world. If you're in over your head then you should look for a job that isn't as demanding. Event planning, of any kind, is stressful. It's detail work and it's deadlines. That won't change if you try to run your own business. It will probably be more stressful as a one-woman shop: no backup.

Don't quit your day job just yet. Do you know anyone who is a wedding planner? Have you ever worked for a wedding planner? If not, you're in for an education about running your own business and dealing with clients in this industry. 

Go talk to someone who runs a wedding planning business, or, get a weekend job working for a caterer or florist or wedding gown shop. Find out if you're cut out to handle the kind of clientele they deal with all the time. 

You'll also need a business plan, startup money, and a lot of determination. If you think working for a corporate event planning shop is difficult, wait until you work with the public. I'd work and save at least a year's salary before I quit. You'll be shocked how much it costs to start a business, even one that's home-based. You'll work 60-80 hours a week to get started for up to 3 years to make a living income.

Like I said, go find someone whose all ready doing it and find out if you really are cut out for it.

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Event planning is crazy....except for the fact that you love it, wedding consulting will not be any easier. It's never fun to stay at a job that you hate. It makes for a really long and miserable day and you aren't as productive because you hate it so much.  If you feel you have the means to quit your job and pursue your wedding consulting, then do it.  Take the leap. Always be looking for the next door, the next opportunity.  I stayed at a job that I didn't like, working for people that I can't stand and all it has left me with is an altered foot and a long legal battle.  You do what you feel is right for is too short to work at a place you're miserable at.  

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