Netcitizens and your Job

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Netcitizens and your Job
Mon, 03-25-2013 - 5:33pm

  over last week a drama became public.  In the end two people lost their jobs. It seems that a well known Blogger/tweeter  Adria Richards was at the Pycon convention (Python coders/users) when she over heard two men who sat behind her joking.   They were playing at word that are funny in their context.  She took umbrage,photographed the two and the reported it as inappropriate to the Pycon officials.  She received an apology but she went on her tweet and showed the photo and part of the story the her Tweet audience.  As a result one of the men was fired. 

   However, Adria was fired too.  In her position with SendGrid she is supposed to unite people in the industry instead she divided them.  So she was fired. 

   Now there are two camps at odds with on another.  Political correctness gone mad or a poor judgement?