What do you think about Marissa Mayer's work from home ban?

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What do you think about Marissa Mayer's work from home ban?
Wed, 02-27-2013 - 12:24pm

Marissa Mayer's Work-From-Home Ban Is The Exact Opposite Of What CEOs Should Be Doing


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I think that anyone not working at Yahoo! really doesn't know the atmosphere there, whether there are difficulties with productivity or overall morale with many staff working from home, etc.

Different jobs have different requirements, and I don't necessarily think one memo banning working from home at Yahoo! is setting women back, like so many have commented at the Huffington Post site. Women at Yahoo! are free to work elsewhere, just as are the men at Yahoo! Obviously women at Yahoo! are valued--one is the top boss. She talks about being seen as gender neutral due to her passion for her work, and I really think that she's viewing her employees as gender neutral, too, and hoping that the passionate ones will want to come into the office to continue to contribute.


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I think different things work from different companies. Working from the office gives a sense of community and knowing your colleagues better however I feel there should be some flexiblilty as some people may have geninue reasons for wanting to work at home.

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