10 Great Work-at-Home Jobs

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10 Great Work-at-Home Jobs
Sat, 01-12-2013 - 12:52am

Work-at-home jobs promise big benefits: extra income, flexible hours and the enviable dress code of slippers and sweatpants. The trick, of course, is finding legitimate, well-paid positions because work-at-home scams abound.

To assemble our list of top work-at-home jobs, we combed Bureau of Labor Statistics data for occupations with good hourly wages and promising growth prospects. We then identified actual companies that hire home-based workers in these fields, and scrutinized their benefits and schedules.

To weed out scammers, we checked out companies with the Better Business Bureau. Every work-at-home company we mention has an A or A+ rating from the BBB (or, if it's not in the BBB's database, it has been vetted by industry groups). While we can’t guarantee that you’ll get hired for one of these work-at-home jobs, at least you can have confidence that none of these employment opportunities is too good to be true.


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Wed, 01-16-2013 - 1:17pm

Do you know how hard or easy it is to get a job like the ones in the article? How plentiful are these jobs?

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Tue, 01-22-2013 - 2:45pm

Hi Francisonthelake! There are more and more work-at-home jobs than there were years ago when I started, but there's also more competition for them, too. I know people who are medical transcriptionists, customer service reps and tech support reps; they found their jobs in the normal way of applying, being interviewed and in some cases, being tested before they were hired. 

To me, there are two big hurdles to getting an wah job... first, is finding an actual job opportunity and second is selling your ability to be a self motivated worker. So many people think a wah job is a piece of cake... and it can be great, but you really have to be able to avoid distractions and concentrate on the job at hand. Some days it's easy, but some days -- whoa, it is a challenge! Surprised

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Fri, 02-15-2013 - 9:36am

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Thu, 01-09-2014 - 7:50am
There are so many ways Moms can work at home, from direct sales( like me for 13 years now), to telecommuting, house cleaning, day care, crafting, selling online like e-bay or etsy. I think it's wonderful to have so many choices!
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