30+ ways Moms can make money from home-mostly online

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30+ ways Moms can make money from home-mostly online
Sat, 02-16-2013 - 3:11pm

I've compiled some ideas for Moms to make money from home. I use several of these ways( I'm a writer and with a direct sales candle company)

Here's over 30 ways for stay at home Moms to earn money online. 
Remember, don't pay to join a company unless it is a direct sales company with a starter kit. 

Do you write?  Writers can become guides on www.About.com on  specific topic area. You do need in-depth knowledge about a specific topic . Guides make excellent money  for a few hours a day
work but it can be hard to break into and they are very selective . Look for the list of open topic areas

Have extra items around the house? We all do!   Sell your extras, gently used kids toys, clothing, cd's and movies, crafts, virtually anything on Ebay a and make some cash. To tune this into a more lucrative earnings opportunity,  buy at local yard sales and re-sell items for more, especially if you know what items 
are "hot "ones. Old text books, collectors items, anything with a specific audience( elvis, yankees, marilyn monroe, etc) can get a pretty penny on e-bay.

Earn cash back when you shop! This is a new trend and there are several GREAT apps that are easy easy easy.  Ibotta is one of them. It's is a new way to earn money when you do your regular shopping.  best of all, it's  totally free. You donwload the app and see what they have -many items are listed-could be dasani, neosporin, capri sun, chips, listerine, etc...then when you buy you, you snap a quick 2 second pic with yoursmartphone when the app is open and wa-la! Cash in your account.. They even pay you $1 for each person you refer! I have cashed out many times on this one. pays at only $5 right into your paypal account. LOVE this one! A smartphone is required. 

Another very similar one to Ibotta is ENDORSE. It's a free smartphone app and pays cash back like 10% , 20% etc.when you take the pic of your receipt. VERY easy and pays for referrals too. tell your friends! Join ENDORSE here.

Are you on Twitter? Spoonser tweets of your choice and earn some cash. Your amount goes up as you get more followers and post quality content.You can earn upwards of $1.50 for a qucik tweet.  I love this! Join sponsered tweets here

Do you blog? Consider joining some affilaite programs to promote. Places like amazon , commission junction and others offer affiliate programs where you earn a percentage of the sale when someone buys through your link.  I do this on my blogs but am actually  very selective in what I choose.  I like the amazon associates program ! Also, do not forget ADSENSE! Google ads on your blog can earn you money!

 Do you like jewelry ? Like working online? Consider opening an  online boutique. There are a couple out there that are ZERO cost to open and run and you can earn about 20-25%.This is NOT MLM and no starter kits are needed, no website feesl to pay or products to stock!  You can open your own, for free, at KitsyLane here 

 Another way to earn income from writing online is at InforBarrel.com .Good site!  Pays 75% of google adsense and even a small percentage on people you refer.

Sell Photos online - Your great pics can be sold and earn you some income. However, there may be a fee to join some of them. Try shutterstock, fotolia, or bid stock photo.

Are you online a lot? Do you like to post comments on message boards> You can earn points on SocialMoms.com and cash in for money- Sign up , comment on posts, tweet them, or post to facebook 

Panda Research Excellent survey site with a great referral program that is optional. 

Like to answer short survey questions? Poll Buzzer Answer questions online by e-mail, get paid cash in paypal account. Pays fast! This does not pay a lot but $1 for a 20 second survey is NOT BAD CASH!

MySurvey - Great free survey that I have been a member of this one for years.  

SendEarnings This site offers trials, pay for reading e-mails and some surveys.

If you are crafty, Etsy is for you! Start your own store to sell your crafts! I love this site and think it's great for handy crafty Moms.  I have found some gorgeous and  unique handmade items.

SurveySavvy- Great survey only site that pays out at only $1.00. This is a  good survey site with a nice referral program too. 
Network marketing/Direct Sales.  This is what I've done for the last 11 + years. It's an empowering business for Moms and nowadays many companies allow you to offer online sales or even online catalog parties without doing home parties..Whether you retail candles or skin care, make up or baskets, vitamins or home items, there are SO many great opportunities out there! Try wahm.com to get started browsing. 

Squidoo - Pages here are known as Lenses. The more the popular lens more the money you get paid. Get some ideas when you are over there and see what you can teach people. Your knowledge can earn you some cash.

Triond - Your articles are published on various websites on the triond network. You can publish anything from poetry to highly specific articles. You earn by views and adsense.. 

Helium - Another article writing site. Earn on traffic or exclusive writing assignments.

Hubpages.com- Upload articles, videos, even recipes and polls .Create your own "hubs" 
and earn with adsense and other ways. I think this is a cool site.

Redgage- Ok, another article site, yes and it  pays by view, so you don't earn a lot but if you can whip out enough articles each week maarket them, you can get a lot of views. Comment on others articles and pictures to get more traffic to your content.

OpinionPlace.com - Another good survey site to earn points and cash in for cash or gift cards.

HarrisPollOnline.com- Online survey site. This is the one where you read " In a harris poll survey" in the newspaper. They have been around a while.

Zazzle.com  A great way to sell your designs if you are crafty or even can just think of a great t-short slogan. Or become an associate and sell their products. I designed some tee-shirts, forgot about them and got a check months later! Who knew it could be that easy?

 Paid View Point-  One of my favorite surveys sites. Starts lowe payting but then pasy so well and also has a great referral program!  

Tutor.com- Are you an ex-teacher or professional in your field? You can become an online tutor. Great for college students, teachers, ex-teachers and any professionals with knowledge in certain areas.   

Epinions- Write high-quality product reviews , earn points to cash in. Cool site.

Mturk- Do small tasks  and get paid for them. 

SurveySpot.com - Another  survey site 

Fiverr.com - List anything that you will do or create for five dollars and make money when someone buys your service or product.  Anything from " I will edit your doc" to I will walk your dog to I will send you a love letter- I have seen it all! 

 I hope this list helps you start earning some money!
See more of my tips, ideas and resources at www.SuccessForMom.com
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Voila.  The word is voila, not "wa-la."  "Wa-la" is not a word.  It is a misunderstanding of the French term "voila," which means "there it is."  Apparently no one studies foreign languages anymore.  

Voila is the word you want.

You're welcome.   

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Thanks for sharing! I'm going to post this on my new Facebook Community page: "Single Moms for Financial Freedom."

Time to get inspired Mamas! :)

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Wow that's a long list! Thank you for sharing, I'm familiar with some of the sites but not most. I just want to add also for moms who want to do online work (as freelancer), they can also check good sites like elance, freelance, odesk. Just be aware of scams though. Good luck ladies! :)
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