Organizing expenses and tax info ?

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Organizing expenses and tax info ?
Fri, 07-31-2009 - 12:34pm

I have three work at home businesses and I am looking for a VERY organized way to keep track of all the expenses and income tax info for each one individually. I am not really good with the Excel Spreadsheets though, but am willing to give it a try. Does anyone have any printouts or spreadsheets that they can share or can someone tell me where to find some good ones ?




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Sat, 08-01-2009 - 6:52am

Have you tried the old-fashioned 13-column columnar pad/paper? It's similar in "look" to a spreadsheet, but is paper. The 13 columns are usually used as 1 for each month, plus a column to for a total, and a larger column for an item label.

This link should take you to a picture.$sku$

It's available at places like Walmart, Staples, Office Depot, etc. These columnar pads come in various numbers of columns, so might have to ask for the 13 if you don't see it.


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Sun, 08-02-2009 - 9:52am


My suggestion is either Excel or any other database of your choosing. For many years I used FileMaker Pro. It's a database program created by Claris.

I still use Filemaker to store customer and lead information but I use Excel to store other information. My spreadsheets are fairly simple as I created them long ago and don't want to convert them now that I know more about the program.

You might consider hiring a V.A. who knows Excel to create the templates for you, or even search out the Microsoft website for their Excel spreadsheets and then tweak their templates to fit your needs.

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Sun, 08-02-2009 - 1:17pm

You may want to check out Quickbooks. that