Some advice on what to look for

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Some advice on what to look for
Thu, 08-16-2012 - 11:12am

 I have been in the  home based business industry for almost 20 years, 12 years with my current company. One thing I often hear from people is where do I start or how do I know what business to pick? My advice is to choose something you are passionate about. What do you enjoy doing? Make a list of everything you are looking for, time flexiblity, creativity, the ability to work around your kids, helping others or whatever is important to you. Then what do you like to do? Do you like to write or cook or create something then find a business based around your passions. If you don't have any interests then look at several businesses to see what might interest you. From there do your research! How long has the company been around?Often ground floor opportunities are not always best. Hundreds of businesses start up each year and fail. How long do people stay with the company on average? If their turn over rate is high, maybe it's not a soild business. Look for success factors. Here are the ones I was looking for in a home based business. 

A good company track record

Is the company financially sound?

Do they have a good management team?

Unique consumable products that not everyone else is selling

Are their prices competitively priced?

Do they have a high reorder rate?

Is there a low personal amount to spend?

Is there a low start up fee?

What kind of retention rate does the company have?

Is it good timing for this company and do join?

No breakaways or MLM

No Risk to anyone


I hope that helps some of you in your search! I wish you all the best of luck to find the right business for you! If you would like to hear about what I do feel free to contact me anytime! :smileywink:

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