Trying to Decide

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Trying to Decide
Wed, 05-29-2013 - 10:28pm

Hi All

Hoping there are a few people on this board at least....  recently gave up my regular job for a variety of reasons.  Wanting to work from home instead.  Looking into a few things.  Possibly online instructor (medical billing).  Freelance blogging/writing.  Also considering starting an "at home" business.  Not too good with marketing ideas.  

Was looking at Ebay for a starting point and of course they charge a listing fee or fees.... and if you accept pay pal, they also take a small portion.  Was trying to get an idea from Ebay thought on how well certain items like handmade candles, soaps, lotions, etc are selling, but it didnt necessarily look very good.  Just wondering if people are still interested in "homemade" products like that


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Fri, 05-31-2013 - 3:46pm

Hi Suzanne!

I don't know how they charge, but have you looked at Etsy? It's a whole site pretty much dedicated to homemade crafts/items. I know I just bought 3 things from the site. 

Also, ebay has free listing weekends. My husband takes advantage of those.

As for the other ideas, it can be tricky finding legitimate work that isn't some sort of pyramid scheme. But there are places out there. :)



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Wed, 06-12-2013 - 10:39pm

Yes, Ebay does have free weekends occasionally and I absolutely LOVE etsy for handmade items. The only problem with Etsy is your product needs to stand out. Let's say you make hairbows, there are hundreds to thousands of hairbow makers on Etsy. You really have to stand above the rest. I have personally been in direct sales for 10 years. I work with 3 different companies and I freelance my Graphic Design and Photography from home. It's not for everyone but I personally love doing fairs and festivals and meeting new people.


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