Work, what's that?

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Work, what's that?
Wed, 04-03-2013 - 1:09am
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Work should be fun, if you have to drag your hinny to work you're in the wrong career and THAT IS WORK. Since I was the 'kid at work' I was always meeting WWII folks with skills and tales new at least to me, many ideas they didn't follow-up on yet some else did and made a fortune. Don't be a smart butt everyone has something worth learning why repeat mistakes others have made, now that's really stupid! Now ladies stop looking at other person who doesn't meet your specifications, remember you said YES or was it hormones?

Before you decide 'I've found paradise at work' you ought to say 'I can do this forever with no sweat and I'll someday I'll run, own, or manage this business'. Now that may not happen yet if you see it will never happen grab a parachute and bail out ASAP. Also can you imagine your work being done by a very smart machine? Bail-out time. Of course you can always be a plumber because as long as billions of bi-peds are on the planet poop will always happen.

Contentment is for you family and outside work, at work it's like stagnant water after a while it stinks, remember there's toilet paper and deodorant in the head shed's crapper too. If you're not planning to climb up then expect to be trampled on by others on their way to the top. Most think money is why we work, well we all need shelter, food, and others to share it with, yet the real recognition of mastery at work is the key to a happy worker going places, owner, or whatever you really desire.

I heard this so many times 'Joe C. Pool doesn't know half as much as I do, and has been working less than 1/2 the time, why did he get promoted over me? Simple he wasn't content with stuck at one position and keep doing things like self promotion, being timely, doing the work without bitching, and most importantly helping his boss up the ladder so he'd have a rung to climb too.

Haven't you noticed folks who have great skill at making wagon wheels aren't in demand? Also notice automated computer driven machines doing the same ole same ole 24/7/365 never asks for a promotion or better benefits? Even hospitals are proudly advertising robotic surgery, lasers are making incisions so precise they measured in 0.1 mm, nurses #1 patient is a computer to keep the mountain of paperwork required by insurance companies, and many use barcodes instead of patient names. Don't own a cell phone our use one? OMG you're alien from another universe also see retired geezer.

Now listen up, I've been in electronics since the age of 10 building crystal radios, motors, telescopes and other thing discarded as junk and at 67 we've barely begun the electronic revolution. When you 30 something's reach my age and see today's technology in museums displays OMG I had one of those when it was new. Once dumb electronics (hey, partner I'm a radio and only a radio) was replaced with programmable electronics we just walked out of our caves. Even while I was working IBM's mainframes were designed by a computer all the logic diagrams were printed by computer so essentially computers with designing themselves into obsolescence.

Ever heard of a Pebble Bed nuclear reactor no water can't meltdown? Ultra low terrestrial communications through the earth? Cubic processors?  Atmospherical Ionic Heaters (why no new missile defense system duh), you will because there here now.

So what, well if your still dragging your hinny to work doing some boring job, remember there might come a day when a smart machine taps you on the shoulder and hands you a pink slip. Of course you need to think ahead and I mean way ahead there will be so many new tasks the opportunities are unlimited IF YOU CAN IMAGINE IT MOST LIKELY IT WILL BE! Most the ideas I saw in those 'stop reading those comic books you'll go blind among other things' have happened.

Finally, remember the last person to close up shop will be the owner not the workers. The person who stuck their hinny out and took a big risk many fail and keep trying , after all we are all are just visiting this planet anyway no rain checks.

BTW old & happy retired geezers consider everyday as Saturday except for Sunday and I care is measured in negative numbers just like we were kids again. So remember no replays in life so try to avoid mistakes in all your endeavors'. Your Geek mono-ped



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Hi Geek1945—

Thanks for sharing! (Though I may have to disagree with the 'hormones' comment. *smile*)

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