Been So Long!!!

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Been So Long!!!
Thu, 09-05-2013 - 2:59pm

Wow.... Havent seen much on the boards nor have written on here in so long.. Been sticking to other boards as thinking about when I left home and my exH who was abusive to me . Now I just refer to him or the marriage as he had a mental illness and leave it at that... This November will be 7 years I guess since I had left my marital home and when it all hit the fan....and I left home.. Eventually to sep. and divorce..

Some days it feels like it never happened or it was just a dream or nightmare and can hardly remember anything that happened except when I get those trigger dates or times but the drama doesnt last long in that space in my head ....Most things dont stay in that bad space in my head anymore which I am assuming is a good thing...

Funny thing is that one and only thing I still miss is my old  marital home.. I know ex rented it out but that didnt go well and its a big fat legal mess but its not my problem anymore... So many bumps and twists and turns in the road and doing okay .. Sometimes I thrive and sometimes I am just on survival mode but such is life eh!!!!.................and I wouldnt have gone back and changed one minute of any of it...

I have changed so much in these last few years and have new friends and new adventures and finding a whole new world out there. I cant believe how sheltered I was and lately been studying and doing different things and just keep finding my authentic self and live life to who and what really makes me who I am.. Its just the most awesome feeling in the world.. Some days I do take it for granted though ..

So ex called me a few weeks ago and said that there were still a few items at the house which he left for the new tenants and to get what is mine.. I said okay I will get them if the people move and when they move out.. He sounded regular and just like a friend whom you would talk to and all..I guess it wasnt one of his mental or bipolar days so it was fine... He did sound the same though complaining about th is or that and etc.etc. but I just  said okay have to go now.. bye.....

okay hope everyone is doing well .. Take Care


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Sat, 04-05-2014 - 7:29am

Hi Free!

I just saw this...

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