Do you ever see kids and think your seeing an abuser in the making?

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Do you ever see kids and think your seeing an abuser in the making?
Tue, 12-13-2011 - 10:31pm

I was bribed into watching the middle schoolers before they had to sing tonight at the chorus concert and a couple of them left me wondering how they will be when they grow up. But so many young people are very disrespectful that I am worried about what the future holds for them. Has anyone else seen this and wondered? And I hope this post makes sense.

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check this out

I dont think disrespect is abuser in making. It depends on the severity. If they are yelling and pushing and saying cuss words, that borders on abuse. But that is probably because they have not learnt the healthy way to manage their frustration. And that needs to be addressed asap.

Kids generally seem to have low level of threshold these days and want instant gratification (internet is to blame), TV shows are shallow, the peer pressure is tremendous and families are under pressure with the economy. They feel entitled..they grow up with Ipads and cell phones and the latest and greatest gadgets. (We did not have any of that growing up..we went outside, ran around, played and came back). It is partly society and us to blame for the kids these days. Kids are also under pressure and shuttled from activity to activity. I know this person who has their kids in private school and expects them to perform in music, dance, sports and even on weekends. Where is the downtime? In fact, one of the kids (7) is already revolting and acting out. Moreover Dad is absent during week for work out of town.