End Domestic Violence help reenact the women's against violence act!

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End Domestic Violence help reenact the women's against violence act!
Wed, 09-19-2012 - 6:22pm
My story of abuse and domestic violence as a child and how you can stop the cycle of violence. 
Please repost to get the women's against violence act reenacted in Washington. 
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Audrey, thank you so very much for coming here and sharing your youtube link.  The courage and strength you have shared with us is such an encouragement for those who are still trapped and wondering if there is any way out.  It also sends a strong message to those who choose to "stay for the kids' sake".  Folks, let Audrey's story speak to you, let her truth of what it's like to have to continue to be in contact with an abuser give you the strength, courage and determination to protect yourself and your children. 

Contact your Senators and Representatives TODAY asking them to renew VAWA - the Violence Against Women Act.  It provides funding for shelters, legal assistance, help getting back on your feet and most importantly, LAWS that make domestic abuse a CRIME.  To let VAWA disappear into obscurity will set the movement against domestic violence back into where it was in the 70's, NOT a place to be.  We don't need any more Audrey's, Winters, Sweets, Mama Harmony's, Queen Brats or any other member out there, risking life and the lives of their children because there were no laws to protect us.  PLEASE contact your elected officials TODAY urging the renewal of VAWA.  Don't put it off.  If you are unsure of who your congressional representatives are, contact your county's Registrar of Voters or library and they can give you that information. 

Audrey, thank you for sharing.  I wish you peace and prosperity.  The story you shared with us will forever be on my heart and you and yours will always be in my prayers.

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Absolutely Awesome Audrey!


This is something that absolutely needs to be done.

The Time Is Now!!!

For ALL the "Andrew's" and "Audrey's" out there!

For ALL of us!




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