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Sat, 07-23-2011 - 11:54am

Hi Free,

I took the liberty of copying and pasting your latest post on the DV charges thread up here where it would not be overlooked by the rest of the members of the board.

Mama Harmony

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Sat, 07-23-2011 - 12:47pm

thank you so much..

No; My sis doesnt want to hear anything. she wants the guy around and she wont listen to reason so there is no talking. I have tried and she doesnt think its abuse. I know that it is from experience and he is an abusive alcoholic.

He had moved out at one point but she lets him come back to hang out as much as he wants.

I am so trying to hard to get a place and job but so far nothing is happening.

There is a place near my house that has transitional housing so I can see what they have to offer.

You are right in that I cant stand being in survival mode for so many years already and that I have to do something.

Thank you again

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Sun, 07-24-2011 - 12:02am

look for a paying guest type situation ..if you can manage some job..doesn't have to be a big job..Or a room with an elderly in exchange for companionship and help..again..use your discretion..just some ideas. But I see similar postings all the time in craigslist shaire..wanted to share..of course any such housing should be thoroughly checked for references. Or word of mouth is best. We have many people who rent out a room in exchange for light housekeeping and for minimal cost.