Happy New Year Everyone

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Happy New Year Everyone
Fri, 12-28-2012 - 4:25pm

I hope everyone has a Happy New Year and every day is full of joy and happiness.  Its been quite a while since I visited this board.  At many points I was here almost every working day.  I guess, like many of you, my life was hell and I took it out of almost everyone.  But since my husband died, so much has changed for me.  Ladies, smile when you want to cry. Try to find happiness in something.  Life is too short to be miserable.  Things will change.  I hope for all of you, the change will be for the best.

I find that music makes me happy. So, I'm always listening to music and dancing and singing.  Please, find what makes you happy. Love life, try to concentrate on what you love on what makes you happy. Smile always. 

It took me many days before I found happiness but by God's grace, I found it.  Now, I can say Life is good.  I can't believe how much I missed, but now that I have happiness, no one will take it away.  It is true, Love changes everything.  But people who are wife beaters can't be loved and they can't be happy.  So don't waste your time thinking that your love will change them. I was there, did that. It didn't work. God took that person out of my life and I'm very, very happy.

All my love, peace and joy to you


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Sat, 01-12-2013 - 4:40pm

she goes back and forth. One day she seems ok but then something happens and bam. We had a huge fight last Sunday but since then things have been ok and we actully had a nice talk last night.

I would probably handle it the sae way you are. Oh wait I did and then would get upset over things I shouldn't hve since we were going with the flow, lol. Good luck

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Tue, 01-15-2013 - 10:44am

Awesome Post!