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Hello New to Board
Thu, 10-21-2010 - 1:18am

Just removed myself from an abusive relationship that was physically and mentally abusive. 6 days ago I finally called the cops something I never did in the

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Thu, 10-21-2010 - 2:03pm

Sadly I have to give you the advice that I hate to hear. It will take time to heal and you may never be the person you were before. The abue could have changed you in some way. For me I am not the same person I was but I am outspoken again so it is ok. I have a really hard time with trust and am not sure if that will ever go away but it is a part of life now and I deal with it the best I can. Take it a day at a time and know you are not alone. I have been out for five years and there are still bad days that I want to crawl under the covers and hide over the abuse but if we do that we let it win and I refuse to let it win so somehow I get past it.

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Thu, 10-21-2010 - 8:11pm

Hi, Welcome to the board. Since it is only been 6 days, it is natural to feel this way. Do you have access to counseling? If so, that will really help. One other thing is to go and read up on surviving abuse books (plenty of them if you search amazon). That will help too. If there is a DV shelter, they may offer group/individual counseling as well. You have taken the first step and the most important..which is getting out of there. Rest will fall in place. You will learn to trust again as you learn how to recognise the red flags and empower yourself with knowledge. Good luck

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Thu, 10-28-2010 - 10:32am

Welcome to the board.


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Thu, 10-28-2010 - 12:14pm

Hello p-angel,

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