I have a favor to ask of you all........

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I have a favor to ask of you all........
Thu, 03-27-2003 - 8:05am
I need a laugh. Big boss is coming again and once again I'm down and worried and need some comic relief. If you all could bless me with a joke or an inspiring story for you all my angels here keep me going. This visit could very well mean my job and it will not be decieded on my preformance but the one of my staff without me. I love those girls but not quite sure how this will go.HUGS and Prayers to you all. All I do know is no matter how it all turns out it will be for the best. I just hope I can keep focus on that.>Jo
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Thu, 03-27-2003 - 9:17am
OK, here goes! There were these three men who worked constuction high up on the steel beams. As they sat down to eat their lunch one day, the first guy opens his lunchbox and says, "If my wife gives me tacos one more time, I'm going to jump."

The second guy opens his lunchbox and says, "If my wife gives me corned beef and cabbage one more time, I'm going to jump."

The blond guy opens his lunchbox and says, "If I get bologna sandwiches one more time, I'M going to jump."

So the next day, as they sit down to eat their lunch, the first guy opens his lunchbox and he finds tacos and he jumps. The second guy opens his lunchbox, he finds corned beef and cabbage, and he jumps. The blond guy opens his lunchbox, finds bologna sandwiches and HE jumps.

Well, all three wives gather at the funeral of their husbands and wife number is sobbing loudly, "If I had known he didn't want tacos, I would have made him something else." Wife number two is also crying, "If I had known he didn't want corned beef and cabbage, I would have gladly fixed him something different." But the wife of the blond guy just stood there seemingly unaffected by it all. Wife number one and two looked at her discustedly, and she exclaimed, "Don't look at me, he made his own lunch."

Itsgoodtobeme, just remember that your boss ONLY decides if you continue to be employed there or not. And they do not speak for all bosses everywhere. They may not even speak from a position of intelligence, experience, or education. They may have the power to decide whether you work there or not, but that doesn't mean you are not a good worker, it doesn't mean your not productive, it doesn't mean you can never succeed at anything ever again because of this persons judgement of you.

It may mean that your success and happiness lay elsewhere in the employment world. That there is a bigger, better plan and you may have to leave this job to find it and be happy. I know it's scarey, it's difficult and you may think it's your only chance to be successful, productive, and happy (boy, THAT'S the story of my life), but it ain't babe.

Hugs and good luck to you, Joyce

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Thu, 03-27-2003 - 9:28am
Dearest Jo.................................................

I am sorry you have this stress to deal with. You are an awesome manager, and you have done an excellent job. I hope these comments about losing your job are just "nervousness", but yes, if that were to happen, it is for a reason that may not be clear to you right now. It's still hard, and my heart goes out to you.

Please keep reminding yourself how wonderful you are today, and repeat as many positive mantras to yourself as you can.

I have so many inspiring stories and jokes, LOL! I will try to dig some new ones out, ASAP. I need more coffee!! Looking at this board is making me dizzy(er).

The past few "Gifts From Hazelden" have been excellent, and could really help you right now, if you haven't read them.

I hope today goes well!! You're in my thoughts and prayers.


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Thu, 03-27-2003 - 11:05am
Hi Jo!

I can understand needing a good laugh. This site had me laughing out loud at my desk, which was kind of embarassing. Read at your own risk!


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Thu, 03-27-2003 - 12:43pm
Sending you *MANY* hugs Jo!!! I know that things will work out. I don't have any new jokes but wanted you to know I'm thinking about you. Good luck! XOXO--Ruby
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Thu, 03-27-2003 - 1:21pm
Hi Jo -

What I'm about to post here is something I have in my wallet. My grandmother wrote me a letter when I graduated from high school - not one of the better times in my life - and included this from her Army diary (she was in the second group of WACs ever in WWII). It is from a US Army Air Corps Lieutenant (what would now be the Air Force). It's meant a lot to me for a very long time and hopefully it will be relevant here:

"Strive always to do nothing that will hurt anyone needlessly, and strive always to do nothing which you think cheap or tawdry or 'small time'. This of course precludes nothing, as what you do today you may not do in five years, and what you refuse to do today you may later accept. Yet all in experience and refusal contributes to your developing character and personality. Thus alone do you retain your pride, the only requisite of happiness."

Hope it helps.