It's a good thing

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It's a good thing
Thu, 08-09-2012 - 8:44am

Around here it's a very happy time.  We welcomed a new member into the family this past Tuesday.  My nephew and his wife are now the proud parents of Baby Owen, who entered this world weighing 8 lbs 5 ozs, and 20 inches long.He's their first, and my Mom's 4th great grandchild.

I haven't seen any posts in the last few days.  I hope this means everyone is doing well and things are peaceful for all.  For those of you who have just started posting in the last few weeks, if you can, please check in so that we'll know you're okay.  When someone posts and then disappears, it ALWAYS is a source of concern.  Please just drop us a quick check-in post to let us know you're okay.  Hugs and I hope everyone is doing okay getting ready for the start of school.  WO goes back next Wednesday.  I'm sooooo ready, lol.

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Thu, 08-09-2012 - 4:03pm
Hi Cajun,
With our move recently, I haven't been on-line too much. Still don't have Internet on my computer. My ds is letting me use his Ipod he won...:smileyhappy:...
We aren't doing too bad...:smileysad:...a few bumps and glitches along the way, but we are here in our new home...:smileyhappy:...
Takes getting a bit used to but it has been a good thing for both ds and I. We are sleeping...:smileywink:...probably because we are still tired and catching up on our sleep.
My greatest worry right now is money is very tight. We will get through this though. Definitely Survivours now "Thrivers"...
OMG!...We actually did it!
Packed up and moved to a new city!!!
Yesterday we have been here in our new home exactly one week. Our pets are both with us so we really feel like we're FINALLY home...
Feeling a bit "Emotional" today, don't mind me...:smileywink:...
Almost completely un-packed except for a few boxes...Still have to go back and clean up our old place but I will get it done....My dd is going to help...:smileyhappy:...I miss her and some of my friends but it will be okay! We have plans to visit and have our girls's nights...
She has been my Rock, she says I am hers!
Bit of a rough day today but tomorrow is a New Day!!!
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Thu, 08-09-2012 - 5:22pm

That's right, Ms. Scarlet, tomorrow is another day.  You've only moved an hour away, right?  That's nothing in the grand scheme of things.  And that road goes both ways.  I'm so glad your move went (relatively) well and y'all are sleeping good.  Did the hint about the beds work out for you?

Mama Harmony

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Thu, 08-09-2012 - 6:52pm

I am still around. Struggling with health things and finances but doing good. We rearranged the house, where the dining room area was we made it the living room, where the living room was we made the office area and where Lacie was sharing space with the pantry has become the dining room and pantry..But it was like spring cleaning because everything had to move around and be cleaned. I like this lay out, it is actually cute. Dad ordered and paid for new doors for this house and had me do the leg work and pick out what I liked. So waiting for the store to call and schedule the install.

Recently had yet another biopsy which again came back negative/reactive but since my neck has been stiff and my throat sore (same symptoms I had when I had spinal meningitis and West Nile) and hoping it is nothing more than a stupid cold that snuck up on me. 

Kids started school last Tuesday and so we are starting to settle down into our routine. The place that I was learning Neurofeedback paid for me to attend CCA (Colorado Counselor Association) conference then paid 700.00 for me to take a class in neurofeedback...I have been working off those debts and about the time I was paid off she did a QEEG on Daniel so we can work specifically on his issues..But she only charged me 100.00 since she was also learning on new equipment and needed someone to work on..Usually they are 500.00. But with the debt and each hook up I get paid 15.00 or 20.00, depending on the type of treatment, she now owes me 35.00 and some since I have not entered this weeks treatments yet. Tonight I will take Lacie down and do a full cap on her and see if we can waken up her smeller (has never been able to smell since she was a baby) and her memory (she forgets from one moment to the next)

But today Lacie came home and announced she is first Soprano in Choir (which is cool since this is her first year in Choir). Apparently they were thinking about not letting her in at all since she was an "unknown" and is a Junior they asked if she can sing and dance..She replied "Well I have been dancing for 13 years so I believe I can dance and I am taking voice lessons and that is why I know I am a soprano"..They let her try out today and placed her as first Soprano so I guess she wowed them...

I do have a giddy feeling going on for a few days now that I cannot know that feeling when you know something exciting is going to happen soon (like Christmas or a birthday party or a new job or something) no clue at all why or what is going on. As soon as whatever it is happens I will let you all know.

Anyway that is the excitement going on in my corner of the world.

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Fri, 08-10-2012 - 12:14am

I am good I guess. Went to the drs and still no real answers but he asked more questions then his PA did and he things my bowels are annoyed (can't spell so must use words that are close, lol) but to make sure has to go look at things the other way. I am not happy about this but want answers so having that done on the 24th.

DS goes to the ped GI dr tomorrow. My friend is driving us because I have bad brakes that aren't getting fixed till Saturday and his DR is 45 minutes away, the joy of living in a small town is no ped drs around. But the good news is the friend is my ex best friend that I think I posted about but not sure now. We made up and talked things out before we did that and things are good there.

Had a strange phone call tonight about an ex of mine, the one from another state that drank. He is in bad shape and my heart goes out to him and those trying to help him but there is nothing I can do and it wasn't him who called me.

My ex husband paid child support for the second month in a row. Why is it when I am over everything that is him he has to pop up somehow? I know his paying should not be a bad thing but I did have a moment were I wondered what he was up to but it pasted quickly. Not going to worry about what he is up to and the money will be helpful to send the kids back to school =)

I am ready to go hide under the covers for the next month!! AHH =)

Night glad your move went smoothly and your enjoying your new place.


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Fri, 08-10-2012 - 9:53am

I am okay.. I finally went to ex and got the rest of my things I had left there since 2006 and wandering around the planet (lol) since then as to keep away from abuse... It went well although the house looked empty and ghostly.. Ex is finally renting it out and moving to another state.. I have to go back and get the new tv and some pillows and blankets.. Didnt fit in my small car and I want to do a sweep as to make sure I got everything out. My son left some things there and they are now in the shed and hoping he goes and gets what he needs to get.

When I left I saw a gold shop that was buying gold so I still had the two wedding rings we had together in my purse. I was waiting for a good opportunity to sell them and I thought this was as good as any.. So I walked into the gold place and I got 146.00 for the rings. It was the last piece of the puzzle I guess and how bittersweet to find that gold place. Now if I could only put the money on a big payoff that would be great.

I had one tho ught about the whole process and the long journey over the last 7 years and I came to one conclusion.. You cant put a price on freedom.

Sending prayers and healing and light and love to everyone on here.

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Sat, 08-11-2012 - 5:37pm

I moved with both kids once before, first thing set up their beds and rooms, and the kitchen.

I moved a lot with dd with she was very young with my ex-husband.

Before her brother was born I ALWAYS made sure to get her room set up first...:smileywink:...

We arranged for our new to us couch to be delivered on the day we moved in early evening.

It was awesome!

I remember my ds and I sleeping on the floor of our new apt.

We were just happy to be there!...I had gotten the keys early.

All we had was a card-board box a black and white tv. and a kettle a couple of sheets and two pillows but it was 'Heavenly"...:smileywink:...

This time ds will definitely not forget the hard work 'Moving" entails...

My dd told him he had to help and he did, so did she!!!

It was so nice to have my bed set up, and my ds was so glad to have the couch.

It is really nice!!!Comfy...:smileywink:...

Almost everday he has been able to venture outside!!!

That is "HUGE" for him!!!

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Sat, 08-11-2012 - 5:43pm
freeatlast2008 wrote:

You cant put a price on freedom.


Amen to that!

How absolutely true!!!