MIA...Sorry this may be very "Triggering"!!!********************************************************

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MIA...Sorry this may be very "Triggering"!!!********************************************************
Tue, 08-28-2012 - 2:33pm

I haven't been around much.

I lost a friend who went missing and unfortunately she was found murdered...:smileysad:...

My dd, ds, and I are dealing with it but it has been very hard.

Just feel so LOST!!!



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Oh my night, my deepest condolences to you all upon this horrible, horrible loss.  Here in LA we've just gone through something very similar down in Lafayette.  A beautiful  young woman was riding her bicycle late at night and just disappeared.  Her bike was later found and a man was arrested for her murder, but still no body.  Her poor body was found several days ago when he finally showed police where it was. He was a convicted sex offender.  I am so angry over this man being back on the streets I can't see straight.  I'm sorry, I understand your frustration, anger and grief. So very, very sad.

Mama Harmony